Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Address: 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy
Phone: (704) 359-4000
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 667609


  • Mashable

    Charlotte is doing travel right by offering free wi-fi across the airport.
  • Raphael Ruiz

    Free Wi-Fi in all terminals.
  • Jason Sydow

    Spend time in the rocking chairs
  • National Post

    Peter Worthington: At some point maybe now we have got to amend airport security and start profiling those likely to blow the damn plane up not patting down three-year-old children. Read more:
  • Van Hoang

    Don't escalate, walk! Consider me your personal trainer, fatty!
  • TIME

    Congratulations you made it to Charlotte! TIME is here to guide you through the Democratic National Convention. Make sure you Like TIME on Foursquare to earn the exclusive DNC convention badge.
  • SkyMall

    NASCAR fan? Enjoy the Stock Car Cafe, the official Restaurant of Stock Car Racing in the B concourse.
  • Robert Rowe

    ...if time allows & feeling hungry, head over to Brookwood Farms Carolina Pit BBQ for some delicious BBQ! Try the Combo (pulled pork and 2 sides, plus a fried pickle) tastes great...
  • Anne Chaconas

    Free FAST wifi all over the airport!
  • Brian Pinsky

    God damn beepy carts are in your way everywhere
  • Sara Anderson

    Free wifi!
  • Kristin Filipovits

    Smells like a giant Cinnabon in here
  • Stephen Murray

    Think about home...
  • Nina Walia

    Rocking chairs & free wi-fi make this a comfy airport for long delays.
  • Chris Caldwell

    Try the airplanes.
  • Kyle Chowning

    D/E checkpoint is CLT's best kept secret. No lines, ever.
  • SkyMall

    Another great restaurant...Check out Backwood Farms Carolina's BBQ. Great bbq, okra, chollard greens and sweet tea like you can only find in the south. Comfort Food!
  • Mike Corak

    Plugs to charge your portable devices are at a premium, so if you see a free one, grab it, regardless of where your gate is!
  • Rob

    Terminal B has a Bojangles' chicken. Awesome!
  • Adam Kincaid

    Remember to take your laptops out of your bag or you will get yelled at.
  • James Hall

    Tip: Stand on the Right; Walk on the Left!
  • Pinkprincessjb

    Free wi-fi!!! Awesome!
  • Daniel Scheiner

    They have bathroom attendants
  • Dan Herbert

    Think of the walkways as highways, u wouldn't come to a dead stop in the middle of the highway for no reason, right? So why would u stop in the middle of the walkway?
  • TJ

    Welcome to CLT, ready to RUN? short connection times insanely long airport....
  • Kyle Connolly

    I think they need a few more Starbucks.
  • Allyxandria Taylor

    When you get pretty/sexy flight attendants you should be nice to them because you don't see those often nowadays
  • Mark Woomer

    Get rid of the restroom attendants. Very annoying!
  • Jake Bock

    There's a Jamba Juice in the B-Terminal Connector. Always recommended!
  • SkyMall

    Hungry for Cuban food while flying to the Caribbean in the Charlotte Airport? Try authentic Cuban cuisine at the Original Rum Bar and Grill by gate D2. Try the pressed Cuban Sandwich!
  • Porter House

    Get here early... Security lines are looooooong!
  • Trammell Hudson

    Free wifi from google!
  • Brian Polk

    Unless your zone or row is called don't stand in front of the gate others need to get through
  • Grant Martin

    Look for the row of white rocking chairs along the moving walkway under the skylight. There's a decent internet connection, plenty of places to plug in, and a live jazz pianist.
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • dj ShadowReD

    This is a very nice airport! I ACTUALLY didn't mind connecting here. =/
  • ESP Digital Media

    Need a quick bite to eat without the hassle? Head over to the Stock Car Cafe in Concourse B for great food and the ESP Digital Media system. We will get you out the door fast. Eat. Pay. Fly Away.
  • Morgan Missen

    Relax on one of the old fashioned white rocking chairs.
  • Brian Morrissey

    Don't stand on moving sidewalks. This is why you're gargantuan. Well, this and the biscuits w gravy.
  • Jason Keath

    Fly Jetblue when possible.
  • Doug Meacham

    Hungry? Get some pulled pork at Carolina Pit BBQ in the main terminal
  • Danielle Neuf

    Weird rocking chairs- looks like Cracker Barrel.
  • Chris Califf

    Carolina BBQ is so so so good!
  • Chris Frick

    Although very southern like hospitality, the restroom attendant still makes me nervous
  • Laura Medlin

    It's a moving sidewalk, not a moving park-your-butt. Stand to the right and walk to the left for the love!
  • Ryan McShane

    No belt and flip-flops makes passing through security a breeze.
  • Kim Hughes

    Welcome to Charlotte! Check out to see what's going on throughout the entire 704 area!
  • Ben Kessler (@kessler)

    Run, don't walk to the Bojangles Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits in Concourse B!
  • Jason Yarborough

    Tuesdays at 4:30pm is the best time to travel here. Hardly anyone at the airport then. FTW.
  • Rick Johnson

    Fly US Airways if you like being given false information and treated with indifference.
  • Curt

    Make sure you set your alarm for the correct day if you plan to make it out on time :) Thank you apartment complex for being so close !
  • Charlie Garcia

    My favorite airport
  • deviantpixel

    Get fresh with TSA for NO REASON!
  • Charles B

    Free wifi. Giddy-up
  • Laurie Smithwick

    Checkpoint D/E is always the fastest and shortest line. Worth the walk every time.
  • Angela

    Free wifi is slow as balls. Still better than a free punch in the face though.
  • Timothy Tusing

    Wireless Internet is free. I suggest using it in the terminals rather than the food area. The e-terminal connection was much more reliable and fast than other places
  • Creative Loafing Charlotte

    The airport is a melting pot where, on any given day, you can witness both love affairs and emotional meltdowns. And possibly a TSA strip-search or two.
  • courteney

    Coldest airport ever
  • Stephanie C

    Hug someone you love.
  • NAKID Social Sports in Charlotte

    This is a great venue for finding transportation to other destinations.
  • Jon Beddall

    I think this is the longest taxi in the world been on the ground 20 minutes and still driving around in circles.
  • Mithun Kadur

    Travel lite :-)
  • Alex Pingel

    The baggage claim is the slowest in the US so carry on.
  • Kirsty Piper

    Military personnel and families...check out the USO here if you have a layover. TVs, comfy chairs, computers with internet and food! Best place to wait for a flight!
  • david stutts

    Free Wifi and solid 3G coverage on Verizon network in Concourse C
  • Josh Harcus

    Go somewhere fun!
  • Natalie Venuto

    Free wifi, rocking chairs, places to charge your portable devices, and great food! I always connect here.
  • Michael M

    love those rocking chairs ...
  • Rob Adkins

    Clean your hands often.
  • Christine Hart

    @ Tequileria Skip it. The most bland, worst service having airport joint I've been in.
  • Rickbischoff

    Free cell phone parking is helpful ...may need 2 be a little biggr ...some dayz I'm sure !!
  • Clayton Davis

    Bojangles hit the spot
  • Amy Wood

    The rocking chairs ROCK ;)
  • New Orleans Magazine

    Watch out Panthers ... the Saints are coming!!!
  • Jeffrey A

    Bathroom attendant initiates friendly convos with urinal users. happened twice. Not to me thank goodness. Wear headphones to avoid.
  • Jason Mueller

    Not a business travel friendly airport. The slow South prevails.
  • Zack Selter

    I'm far from an expert, but Brookwood Farms had some delicious barbecue (and sides).
  • Lisa Archer

    Will you be staying in Charlotte permanently? Check out
  • Rich Tucker

    Welcome to #CLT! home of the global HQ.
  • Todd Miller

    #23 busiest airport in the US.
  • christopher parks

    There's....someone on the plane....some....thing......
  • SuZSie ShitZombiesSay

    When you're in the South, expect the zombies here to put Dukes mayo on their BLTs (bacon, leggs, & tomato Manwich). Bad Penny is a favored beverage!
  • Justin Kronmeyer

    Lots of people think this is Disneyland when they get on the moving sidewalks. This is not a ride people. Move!
  • Josh Long

    This goes out to all "real" men! If you see an elderly lady trying to carry her 30 lb. bag up a flight of stairs please take 20 seconds out of your day to assist her!
  • Dan Gaken

    Rocking chairs: the perfect way to combat the rushed atmosphere of the airport!
  • Erik Telford

    Go to Jamba Juice
  • Danielle Neuf

    People actually get their shoes shined here. Never seen that before!
  • Miguel

    Is being fat the same thing as being handicap? Move over fat ass, I'm gettin on the cart too then if there's no rules...just right.
  • kdubhimself

    Do us all a favor...take off your shoes and belt, take your laptop out of the bag, and get out of the way!
  • Frederic Potvin

    Carts driving fat and old people through the terminal about to run you over whenever possible...
  • Sankeerth A

    The delays suck!
  • Lizzy

    Bojangles is located in Terminal B - leave time to get a biscuit and tea!
  • Harrison Markey

    Bojangles Concourse B , go now! Go, go, go!
  • Sharyon Culberson

    Check the rocking chairs! #alittlepieceofheaven
  • Julie Hewett

    Charlotte is my gateway to the world
  • Tanya Thompson

    Use the curbside valet, it's awesome!!
  • Kelly Benish

    If hungry go to gate C to Big Daddy's or Phillips Seafood & ask for Richie. If thirsty go to the world traveler cafe and catch up with the girls, or go to Tequileria in the atrium and ask for Rafael.
  • Tigga Renee

    Bring a tip for the bathroom attendant!
  • Dave Delaney

    Bring a power strip or dual USB charger and make some new friends.
  • Lee Yount

    Fastest check in ever! Tip: Print out your boarding pass in advance @jetblue
  • Jennifer Staciokas

    Dress warm...they keep it entirely too cold!
  • Rey M

    Congregating at the departure gate doesn't get you there any faster. Sit down and shut up. You will board when your number is called.
  • Nicky Smith

    Nice, clean, quiet and WOW free WiFi access. This is the way it is suppose to be. 5 star airport.
  • Chris D

    Check out the US Airways Club if you have a layover. Very clean and comfortable.
  • Natalie H

    Airport spa is great!
  • Becky Minervino

    In C terminal there's a tall table with power outlets near gate 15. Apparently they think you should bring your own chair, sadly
  • samantha inczauskis

    While waiting for your next flight get a mani or pedi at the terminal spa. I did this on my last trip. Relaxing!
  • Timothy Tusing

    Vegetarians: the Chinese place in the food area has a decent selection. There are various places with salads, and burger king has veggie burgers
  • Bailey Bailey

    Add your gate if not already listed. Why the Hell not?
  • andres turcios

    JambaJuice concourse D
  • Fitz Bailey

    Terminal B has the healthiest snacks. Why is a mystery??
  • Valerie Tyson

    Some terminals areole upgraded than others so hope you are in a good one because flights are always delayed here. Check out the Fox Sports Bar to catch a game or grab a mani/pedi on the spa. No joke.
  • Stace B.

    When in Concourse B be sure to check out the Farmer's Market for a healthy alternative.
  • OverlandParker

    Welcome to 'Merica. Head straight to Walmart and pick you up some shotgun shells and a riding mower.
  • Michelle Schenker

    Visit to find great things to do in the NC Triad. Have fun, "like this tip" and tell your friends!
  • DJ Latin Prince ? ?

    Hello and goodbye!!
  • Savannah Humphrey

    don't unbuckle your seat belt until you get to the jetway!!!!! or else they will make you sit still until you do and hold everyone up!!!
  • Melissa @CohesionMrktg

    If at all possible, ONLY travel with a carry bag.
  • Kristian Niemi

    Here's a tip...if you're wearing enough jewelry to melt down an turn into a gun, you may want to remove it before you go through the METAL DETECTOR.
  • Rob D

    Listerine and mints in the bathroom = southern hospitality.
  • Tina Dodelin Merritt

    It's a good place to catch a plane.
  • Jaineen Brown

    Dontcha just love the rocking chairs?
  • Debi Adam

    Free Wi-Fi :-)
  • Shyam Varan

    If you end up in terminal D or E and have to connect to a flight at A, B or C, it is a looooong walk!
  • Esther Kim

    Avoiding the beeping carts = participating in a game of human Frogger. Play at your own risk...!
  • JB H

    Great spot to recharge electronics and chill between flights!
  • Stu

    Great place to catch a plane if you need one in Charlotte
  • Melissa Fortune

    Caveat: If you do begin to switch airlines according to price you may never get a free flight with rewards.
  • Allyxandria Taylor

    The hot flight attendants with the short dresses fly out of the "E" terminal...just a little fyi
  • Crys Cru

    No smoking rooms. That sux.
  • Stephanie M.

    Try the wine bar!
  • jon accarrino

    free WiFi and there are power plugs behind each rocking chair in the center concourse.
  • Jim Boland

    If you have time relax in the rocking chairs and do some people may even hear some live piano music
  • Zach Farrar

    There are two things that Always disappoint me at the Charlotte airport. One is the burrito at salsalito. Strictly JV.
  • BJ Emerson

    The perfect CLT meal: Pulled Pork BBQ at Brookwood Farms in the main terminal then make the trip halfway down terminal B for some Pino Gelato. You will thank me.
  • Corey Smith

    Sit in Concourse D and get frustrated by the lack of hot food.
  • keith

    20 to 30 min to get through security at 10:30a.m.
  • Clif Mims

    Be sure to visit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The aroma alone is worth the trek.
  • Jennie Otey

    Don't come through this airport needing a charge. Power outlets are few and far between. :-(
  • Waqas Sheikh

    You shall park dat ass on those rocking chairs and watch the world go by
  • tinesha matthews

    Security check point E to save time. Our airport is pretty awesome.
  • Jenna Dupre

    Don't get ran over by the carts!
  • Cardea Bryant

    Of course the crew has their own line! You can't get on the plane without us.
  • Emily McCarthy

    Avoid this airport at all costs. Flights are ALWAYS delayed or cancelled. I would rather live in New Jersey for the rest of my life than fly through this airport again. And that's saying something.
  • Aloysius Carl

    Don't get stuck on the tarmack
  • OverlandParker

    This is the first Airport I've ever been to that announced overhead that there was church service. Lawdy, I loves me some Bible Belt.
  • Bradley G

    You'll have no trouble navigating this airport due to the hundreds of Special Assistance carts darting in and out of the crowds. Grab one to avoid the walk to your gate. Everyone is doing it.
  • Natalie Cho

    Sbarro is the worst food in the world.
  • Brandon Uttley

    Welcome to Charlotte, the world headquarters of Sales Performance International! Watch your sales take off here.
  • Keith Pachulski

    Slowest TSA checkpoints I've ever experienced during my travels throughout the US
  • Hubba Bubba

    You may know how to dougie , but here, learn how to Douglas .
  • Michael Lawrence

    check out the new world traveler bar & lounge in concourse a. awesome new tv's & great drinks & food.
  • kdubhimself

    No good food options, head to an airport bar and get a Guinness!
  • Jess ?

    Charge your phone while relaxing in the rocking chairs. Plenty of food around, too.
  • Viveka von Rosen

  • Tarik Sykes

    Cut everyone even if ur Zone 5!!! Haha
  • Garrett Tillman

    Paging Rohit and Shawn. Paging Rohit and Shawn.
  • Jay

    Depart or arrive on a flight here.
  • Austin James

    Remember: Free WiFi throughout the airport.
  • Ali Mulcahy

    You know, I love a good layover.
  • Ben Lee

    This chair totally rocks.
  • Katherynne Ramirez

    Nice Airport to have a Layover!! There are so many great spots to eat and drink.... Very clean.. Very impressed!
  • Sam Spencer

    Fastest growing airport in the US.
  • Susan Woda

    Make time to stop for frozen yogurt in Terminal C!
  • Chris L

    There is now a Wendy's in terminal A where KFC used to be.
  • mike laverick

    Free wifi!
  • Christopher Nulty

    Farmwood BBQ is the best place in the airport to eat -- located in the atrium closest to the B-Terminal.
  • InternationalP

    Always use the USAirways First Class line to check in... preferred or not they dont check :)
  • Andres Almeida

    If I lived here, I'd eat at Carolina BBQ every week. Don't miss it.
  • Ryan Morgan

    The us airways lounge in the c terminal is the better of the two.
  • Rita Rivera

    dude,why is thy phone on in the air?
  • Mabootu

    The men's restroom in concourse B has an attendant that gives you paper towel to dry your hands!
  • Sarah Navarro

    The chicken nachos at Salsarita's are the buizness!
  • Melissa Simpson

    Us Airways wouldn't let me board my connection that was STILL SITTING AT THE GATE
  • Jim Van Fleet

    The fastest security with the shortest lines.
  • Kirsten Knipp

    Not really awesome ... I spent 7 hours at CLT yesterday and ended up not even getting to my final destination. But, go to speedway and they'll give you free hot water for your tea:)
  • Laconically

    Hang out in Cell Phone Lot with a dead cell phone.
  • Samantha

    free wifi and lots of food choices. not a bad connecting airport.
  • Zach Everson

    Travel tip: That the airport men's room has an attendant tells you everything you need to know about Charlotte.
  • Raymond Embry

    Dare you to sneak into first. The trick is to make sure the seats are available and will not be filled with stand by passengers.
  • Ibrahim Albdrany

    Do not listen to your friend when he says we have plenty of time lets go walk cuz if u did listen you r gonna miss your flight 0_0
  • Tommy Vasaya

    Gotta love first class!!!!
  • Greg Stelzer

    Third stall in the Concourse D men's bathroom is beautiful
  • Ariel Merkel

    Charge everything beforehand because there are no outlets in terminal D
  • Danielle Cook

    Rocking chairs at the food court are adorable! But delays are common -___-
  • Josh Jamour

    Free fast wifi and charging stations... What more can you ask for!
  • Sue H

    Where are you now
  • **Irreplaceable** LastBreed

    Love this airport!! The nicest!
  • Marcus Hora

    Everyone here is FAT!
  • Raymond Forthuber

    The rocking chairs creep me out...I wonder how many people have missed flights because they were just rocking...rocking...
  • Adam Lustig

    The wifi and mobile signals are all weak in concourse E. Settle closer to center hub to get work done.
  • Justin Karkow

    Consider going through Checkpoint E. It does not have a preferred line and has imaging scanners which take a bit longer, but is super efficient and has shorter lines.
  • Joe Serrano

    If you are on your way to NYC chances are you are cheapo and couldn't afford a direct flight. Enjoy your tinny little plan to LGA!
  • Brewsees Eyewear

    The beer selection at the California pizza is dope. Cheers&Beers
  • Rachel S.

    Fly out of Concourse E. You'll be half-way to your destination when you get to your gate!
  • Rachel Olejar

    Don't fly the same day as the president
  • Stephen Hass

    Best airport in charlotte... Definitely.
  • Rachel Davidson (Lumpkins)

    Awesome place to people watch
  • Brenda Raley

    Brighton collectibles can be dangerous to your wallet if you opt to kill time there. :-)
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