SouthPark Mall

Address: 4400 Sharon Rd
Phone: (704) 364-4411
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  • Visit North Carolina

    Whether you want to do some serious shopping or just people watch, this is where you want to be. SouthPark has the only Neiman Marcus and full-line Crate & Barrel in the Carolinas.
  • Susan Spaulding

    MUST SEE: The Apple Store!! #bigapplefangirl You haven't lived until you have been there!!
  • Josh McGlinn

    Have cougars and tweens stare at you like you are some kind of peasant.
  • Perry Ellis

    Enjoy the day at SouthPark Mall, one of the largest malls in the region. With several luxury stores, you will not be disappointed.
  • Nathaniel Pierce

    Don't get ran over in the parking lot. Or inside by the mobs of people who have more money than brains. If they do run into you, trip them and slap their first born. Work everytime.
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

    You girls need to stop carrying your fake Louis Vuitton purses in the mall.. especially in front of the LV store. NOT cute.
  • Sophie

    If you don't reek of money, you will get dirty looks in this mall from most of the shoppers. But if you can overlook this and have thick skin, there are some great stores in this mall.
  • SouthPark Mall

    While you are at SouthPark stop in to the Cowfish restaurant! It has gotten some great reviews recently by local Charlotte media. It's a fusion of burgers and sushi!!
  • Rydn Waves

    Bring your wallets!
  • Howard N

    Park in the garage to keep your car cool, but make sure you memorize where you parked it!
  • @uniorj JuanRodriguez

    Duck if you see flying mini helicopters above your head!
  • Ken Menard

    This is a very large mall...nice stores.
  • Heavy

    People everywhere. Walking really ..... slow...
  • Luis A.

    If you go around the food court eating all the samples, you can avoid having to buy the over-priced food.(then go to the tea place for a free drink)
  • Seventeen

    See's Candies are famous throughout the West Coast, but there's a store here! Pick up these sweet treats whenever you need a gift for a teacher/coach/mentor, parent, family member, or guy.
  • Eric J.

    High-scale mall is high-scale.
  • Jennie F

    Don't look the guppies in the eye. They'll eat your soul.
  • Kia Littlefield

    Expensive and if you don't look a certain way you won't be helped in shops.
  • Chris Lymberis

    The honeysuckle near Dick's is not very good.
  • SouthPark Mall

    Sign up for Godiva's rewards program and get 1 free truffle each month. YUM!
  • Christopher N.

    Visit The Cheesecake Factory to refuel when you're shopping!
  • Gabe Dobbs

    This place is a damn madhouse!!
  • Sarah Wetenhall

    Don't park by Belk, there are so many entrances you will lose track of where your car is!!
  • Jake Bock

    Jimmy John's delivers to the mall! 704-442-7443
  • SouthPark Mall

    When you stop in to SouthPark, swing by the Guest Services desk and read our shop smarter savings!
  • Christina Baumberger

    Absolutely beeeee-autiful mall :) High end stores like Hermes as well as affordable stores like Banana Republic. And a pop up See's Candies store for Valentines Day? LOVE it!
  • kdubhimself

    Head on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine!
  • Elizabeth Taylor

    Come see me @ the Clinique counter in Belk for a make over or skin consultation! Ask for Liz!
  • SouthPark Mall

    Check out SouthPark's newest stores Lululemon and Vineyard Vines - one of their kind in the Charlotte market!
  • SouthPark Mall

    If you still need to get your picture taken with Santa Claus, come early! The line is pretty long to see him!
  • Robert Smothers

    Walk with a purpose and not like the Miami zombie
  • Malia English

    Definitely, but I'm kind of sad that they don't have a Forever 21
  • Jennifer

    Apple Store has moved where the GAP used to be.
  • Jennifer

    Best place to park is on the top parking deck at Nordstrom.
  • Gavora Jones

    The best Mall to shop and even relax for a while.
  • Rachel S.

    Find a native to tell you where the original bathrooms are. They're usually empty.
  • TJ Murphy

    Go to dillworth for coffee. Way better than Starbucks. Its by belk
  • Angie Cottone

    Took me 30 min 2 park.. But im here :) stop by Smashbox @ Nordy..especially if ur single..theres a lotta good lookn ppl out 2day;)
  • Meghan G

    The mall doesn't open until 12:30pm on Sundays! Some store open at 12 but mall hours are 12:30pm.
  • Colby Vanderley

    Go buy some Crocs!
  • Megan Wallace

    Come visit Easy Spirit! (:
  • Judy Moody

    Saved a bunch $ with this free Coupon App iphone:, android: Hope you can use it!
  • Morgan Rai

    Love this place and all the high end shops...Its great having someone with great taste treat you to a birthday shopping feet are hurting already ..but must go on..LOL!!!
  • Jennifer

    Need to charge your devices? This charging station is located right outside the Apple Store where the chairs are where people sit.
  • Shawn Antonio

    Loved the service at California Pizza Kitchen.
  • Herbert Dupree

    Microsoft Store, a good thing.
  • Dale Lyons

    The Apple Store is great, however, be sure t schedule n appointment first!
  • Shawn Green-Richardson

    Go the nestle tollhouse cookie store!!!!!
  • Christie Brown

    I can't believe there isn't a play area here. I made a mistake bringing the kids, for sure!!
  • Khalilah Pitt

    Gap is where it's at
  • Lori Banks

    Visit BCBGMaxAzria!
  • Darrell Boyette

    Let the wife shop while you enjoy a cigar in the FREE lounge in Tinder Box down stairs
  • Myra Amler

    There is a Goodwill Donation Trailer behind Nordstrom's.
  • Steve N Leci Paris

    Avocado rolls are amazing, tuxedo cheesecake great anniversary choice.
  • Carlos LG

    Esta de webos!
  • Mike Mcintire

    Get your fill of Xmas music ... WTF... its November 2nd
  • Bobby Roberson

    Subway and the Cafe Ebar at Nordstrom have great salads.
  • Jeff Robinson

    This is a big, clean mall.
  • Kelly Dinterman

    Go to lucky best service and things hold up worth the money
  • Keri Miller

    Chicks out here trying to get chosen, watch out: the thirst is uncanny.
  • Jennifer

    Way better than Northlake Mall.
  • Jeff Reid

    Only Mall in the Carolinas with a Frontgate Store.
  • Amber Washington

    The Apple Store is always extremely crowded! Stay away!
  • David Mason

    Most overpriced stuff you can get at same stores for half price but since South Park mall they raise the rates.
  • Alanah

    Have to go to this mall with money ready to spend. They gave great stores but things can get pricey
  • Lissa Fuentes

    It's a great mall filled with different stores but some things in that mall can be pretty expensive.
  • Kyle Ross

    Fun place to look around, but every store is "fancy" items so if you want to buy stuff, expect to dish out a good chunk of money!
  • Serhat zmen

    Very luxury stores and apple store ! Here is best.
  • Robert Smothers

    Make sure you get guac and a chicken's a fadeaway win
  • Johnny P

    Visit the parking deck
  • Brandon Downs

    When did this place get do ghetto?
  • lo Emm

    Delias is the greatest!
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