Bank of America Stadium

Address: 800 S Mint St
Phone: (704) 358-7000
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  • Ronald C Kuebler, CCC-SLP, ABDA

    FC Liverpool vs AC Milan(2-0); good game before finals in Miami. Liverpool will be there
  • 4sq Addict

    Like Carolina Panthers and check-in at the stadium where the team is currently playing to unlock Carolina Panthers badge.
  • ESPN

    Yes. We. Cam.
  • Sports Authority

    Bank of America Stadium opened in 1996. Twenty-one other NFL Stadiums have opened since that time. Even though it has only been open for 14 years, it's one of the oldest stadiums in football.
  • Carolina Panthers

    Come watch a home game at Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers!
  • TugaJumper

    How to unlock "Carolina Panthers" Badge -
  • Josh McGlinn

    Watch Jake Delhomme throw an interception.
  • Dan Roselli

    Go to a night game at BofA Stadium
  • TIME

    Obamas acceptance speech at the 2008 convention was on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.s I Have A Dream speech. After winning, Obama was TIME's Person of the Year in 2008. #DNC2012
  • Chris

    Go panthers
  • Sports Authority

    Pass the Good with Sports Authority and the NFL! Through 1/2/11, donate your football cleats, gloves and NFL gear at Sports Authority stores to help children get active, and receive a $10 Cash Card.
  • Jennifer (@jruggiero) Ruggiero

    Win or lose... share the fun, intense energy with fellow fans!
  • Food Network

    Weve crafted a special-made southern sandwich with picture-perfect pimento cheese and green tomato relish piled on to a braised brat in a pretzel roll for flavor that hits as hard as the Panthers.
  • Caitlin Oruska

    Watch Cam Newton be 10x better than Jake Delhome
  • AT&T

    We helped Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC, upgrade their Wi-Fi network -- and it's a real game changer! Check out how Panthers fans have connected so far this season.
  • LoriElena

    Watch the Panthers fall behind early.
  • Ricky Hardin

    Rain sucks.
  • TIME

    "The right to be different" was established for the Democratic Party platform in 1972. #DNC2012
  • TIME

    Geraldine Ferraro was nominated for the Vice Presidency at the 1984 DNC, becoming the 1st woman to have been placed on a major partys ticket. She appeared on the cover of TIME shortly after. #DNC2012
  • North Carolina

    Bank America Stadium North Carolina's NFL Football team the Carolina Panthers home field
  • Renaissance Road Church

    Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina for a Panthers football game!
  • Sophie

    Fun to catch a football game, doesn't matter who's playing really.
  • Melissa Mohlere

    Bring sunglasses if you sit on the Panther's side of the stadium!
  • Mike Mahoney

    Get the Hush Puppies at JJR's BBQ on 100/300/500 - Incredible!
  • Krystie Phannareth

    Come get a free Carolina panthers tshirt at any one of the 5 Buick/GMC displays at the stadium!
  • Nello's Sauce

    Love football, then you will love Nello's Pasta Sauce!
  • DemConvention

    On Thursday, September 6th, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama will take the stage at the Bank of America Stadium to give their acceptance nomination speeches.
  • Mike Mahoney

    Want data service? Turn on Wi-FI and join the free attwifi network provided by the Panthers!
  • NAKID Social Sports in Charlotte

    Drink a beer and watch a game! Let's go Panthers, clap clap clapclapclap!
  • Pepsi MAX

    Grab a MAX! There are 412 fixed concession points of sale in Bank of America Stadium, or more than one per every 178 persons. Stadiums normally offer one point of sale per every 300 to 350 spectators.
  • National Football

    Enjoy a great pregame tailgate with the Panther Fanz in Pecan Parking Lot B-3 off of Cedar St. Inside the stadium, keep the party going with tasty local beer Olde Meck.
  • Vaughn-Mark Stallings

    Come watch your favorite team beat the panthers!
  • Chaz

    Watch fans head for the exits midway through the third quarter.
  • AAA Carolinas

    @AAACarolinas members get 10% off at the Team Store in-store or online.
  • Leslie Sprick

    Look for NoDa craft beer. Draft at Sections 101, 118, 518, 546. Cans at 105, 125, 521, 550. Look for the cans in the window of the concessions: Hop, Drop and Roll and Jam Session. #craftbeerwins
  • Mike Mahoney

    Download the Panthers Mobile app by Yinzcam for great real time data, tweets etc!
  • NBC Politics

    Home of the last day of the Democratic National Convention on September 6, 2012. Get your wonk on at
  • New Orleans Magazine

    What a Who Dat Win!
  • Robert A

    Watch Cam Newton be awesome!
  • Melissa @CohesionMrktg

    Never be late to a Steelers game because they're always packed
  • Brandon Sides

    Panther Pride!
  • ? Deon Parcon

    Go Carolina Panthers!
  • Sports Authority

    Sport Your Pink and support the fight against breast cancer when you pick up your favorite pink team merchandise and apparel at Sports Authority during the month of October. Learn more here:
  • Mike Mahoney

    On the Club Level 300 go to the Krispy Kreme store by Panthers Den and try the Milk Shake!
  • Stefan Faulkner

    Time for fat beats
  • Wingate University Admissions

    Former Panthers quarterback, Frank Reich, has a brother (Joe Reich) who happens to be the head football coach at one of our local colleges, Wingate University!
  • Aminah Cherry

    Go niners!!!
  • Nick Kenney

    Try the Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale.
  • John $\(^o^)/$

    You talk about a real traffic jam!
  • Mindy Cutshaw

    Game time baby!
  • Chris Harrington

    Watch Cam, Steve, and Luke take it to the Seattle Seahawks!
  • Mike Mahoney

    Get seats in the front row in the end zone and after a TD a Panthers player may hand you a ball!
  • Eirik Huseby ???? #SF

    Happy badge hunting
  • Belinda Cayapan

    Dec. 9 1:00 PM EST Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers
  • AT&T

    Headed to the championship game? Connect to free AT&T Wi-Fi available here. A quick and easy solution to keep you connected while you root for your favorite team!
  • Jenny Tuttle

    Silver Club in the sun on a 72 degree November afternoon?!
  • Jan Parker-Eldredge

  • Laura George

    Watch Cam Newton break a record!
  • kdubhimself

    You know you wish you were at Giants Stadium!
  • Lori Warren

    The food and drinks are WAY expensive! Eat a big meal before you go!
  • Donna Yarborough

    Cheering on Cam with @yarby @ashleysworth @ryansworth!
  • Taylor Barnes

    Check out WCU's Pride of the Mountains marching band at halftime.
  • David Adams

    Watch Cam Newton tear it up!
  • Joseph Foster

    Great Super Bowl nachos! Awesome stadium in an awesome city.
  • John Grist

    Goo panthers
  • Emilee Potter

    Get yourself a Red Bull and vodka:) Available at the club level bars!!
  • Gregg MacLaren

    Hey Jerry R. Let's put in some type of smoking area, this is an outdoor stadium! Even the Bobcats have a place to smoke!
  • Brandy -Murphy

    Fun time win or lose...a great time when we win!!!
  • Tre Rowell

  • Tno FaceEnt

    J...E...T...S........ JETS JETS JETS
  • Joe Clarke

    Club level y'all
  • Tina hatley Kanawati

    Go Panthers!!!!! Kick some ass....
  • Eric J.

  • Annette

    Let's go Panthers!!!!!
  • kdubhimself

    Watch the Panthers lose...again!
  • Brittney Privette

    Let's go Panthers!!!
  • DoubleTree by Hilton - Charlotte

    Carolina Panthers take on the Tennessee Titans Sunday 11/13 at 1pm. Stay at the DoubleTree on Sat. enjoy our tailgate specials and walk to the game on Sunday, only 7 blocks away.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton - Charlotte

    2011 Belk Bowl is December 27th at 8pm. Make your hotel reservations now. DoubleTree by Hilton Charlotte only 7 blocks away!!!!
  • Shawn Cook

    Awesome Stadium, Great Seating, Club Seating is the best!
  • Hansang Kim

    Charllotte on my mind.
  • Jeaux Jeaux

    Those superbowl nachos are a gift from baby Jesus!
  • Gregg MacLaren

    Let's go PANTHERS! looks like 2011/12 will shape up to be a great year. Don't leave until the game is OVER! that means 4th QUARTER NO time left on the clock! Support your team!!!
  • Cody Barnes

    Check out the WCU Pride of the Mountains marching band at half time!! CGP!
  • Drew Tate

    The panther statutes outside the stadium are pretty cool.
  • Danny Almendarez

    Cam Newton Era Begins Here
  • Danny Almendarez

    Soo many fine looking females !!!
  • Tami Jamerson

    Clemson Tigers beat them Bulls
  • Anthony Fields

    Went to c Panthers and Saints Sunday
  • Danielle McBain

    Don't try the Carolina Strawberry Ale
  • Michael Giberti

    Go Bucs!
  • John Macintosh

    if you want beer come up to the stand at 541.......they are the best
  • Lucy Lao

    The Charlotte Business Guild with the Theme "Make Your Brand The Next Big Thing" will be presenting Tips on branding, inbound marketing and a lot more., Please Come, Join, be our guest and learn more!
  • Iowa Chapman

    Let's do this 49ers
  • Chris Harrington

    Watch the Panthers end the 49ers season.
  • charles thomas

    The Carolina Panthers are in the playoffs and are making a strong effort to represent the NFC in SUPERBOWL!!!....
  • Judy Ann Sibugan

    Panthers beats Saints...Is one of the best...!
  • Erica Whitney

    Saints can't hang wit us..Brees you're time is up..
  • Robert La Rock

    Ice up, son!
  • W B

    Watch the Panthers beat the Patriots.
  • Carlos LG

    Me toco ver un excelente juego!
  • Chris Harrington

    Get loud! Go #Panthers!
  • Sam Borders

    get the hotdog
  • George Argo

    Easy Access. #SJackson. Big day
  • Tom Maturo

    I am checking this out
  • Yasmeen Abdelkader

    here at this place
  • Jamal Roane

    Cam Newton going to make Bank of America stadium look good
  • Kamaria Mitchell

    Checking in
  • Kamaria Mitchell

  • Misty Briggs

    BOA baby!!!!!!!
  • Tammy Caudill

    rah rah rah rah
  • larry blackford

    nice digs!!!!
  • Jason

    GO Panthers
  • rahul jain

  • Tracy Lynn Powers

    love them panthers
  • Kevin Cole

    The fans are a class act. You will learn the meaning of souther hospitality at this stadium.
  • Ronnie Watkins

    Steelers rule panthers are shit
  • Stadium Journey

    The Panthers fan experience got a 4.0 out of 5 from us! Why?
  • Kevin Munoz

  • Johnny Piazza

    Great stadium
  • Phil H.

    Walk here don't drive....2 lane roads all around u.
  • Alvin Smith

    Over head cam newton
  • NC DWI Bill Powers

    Great place to see a game!
  • Lisa Morel

    Love the new store
  • Daraies Franklin

    Last Thursday of 2012 come Phoenix Charlotte text 980.621.5392 for guest list and more info.
  • Laura Caldwell

    Only thing bout the panthers stadium is they took out the smokin section that totally suxxxxxx
  • Karen

    You can bring in two unflavored, sealed water bottles per person :-)
  • Steve Amanda Conner

    enjoy the game and love your family
  • India Dukes

    Lets go Panthers!! Yes we CAM!!!
  • Marcus Pryor

    I need to catch up on the team since it has only won 2 games.LOL
  • Adam Holden-Bache

    Leave your tailgate early cause it'll take 45 minutes to get through stadium entrance security.
  • Britton

    It's best to park at Carolina Medical Center. It's only $20 and shuttle service is provided to and from the game.
  • Ken Wilson

    Panther fans are the first to bail on there team when they start to lose
  • Christanna Honer

    I remember when the Packers torched the Panthers here. Go Pack Go!
  • Caroline Kearney

    Only 2 ATMs in the entire building & 1 is broken. Very classy Bank of America...
  • C21

    2012.9.16 1:00pm Game start!
  • Mozak Jacoeb

    Awesome place!!
  • Ben J. DITZEL

    You will be BLOWN AWAY!
  • Ben J. DITZEL

    Something to think about.... 'You know a nation has been abandoned by God when it celebrates...' murder and calls it a woman's right!
  • Zach Long

    Saw a great game between the Carolina Panthers & NY 'Football' Giants!.. Sat in the nose bleeds but no seats are bad in the stadium...if you like redneck fans you will love Bank of American Stadium!
  • Sunlight Foundation Manager

    Follow along with the Sunlight Foundation to find fundraising parties around the 2012 Democratic National Convention!
  • Ashlei @BigDeal_Star

    Cheer on the Top Cats they are the greatest!!!
  • Tony Passero

    Cam newton = the most exciting QB carolina has seen! Attend every home game!
  • Rolando Brown

    Checking out these Panthers.
  • David Hammer

  • Kaitlyn Coen Haake

    Cheer on the Panthers!
  • Kristy Lamb

    Krispy Kreme doughnuts are available! :)
  • DoubleTree by Hilton - Charlotte

    Belk Bowl is on Dec. 27th. Come watch NC State Wolfpack take on Louisville Cardinals. Game at 8pm. No tickets? Come check out the tailgate specials at the DoubleTree & watch the game with us.
  • VIPorbit Mobile Relationship Manager

    Come to The Bank to watch the Panthers play! Dont break the bankdownload VIPorbit iPhone Contact Manager app for FREE today!
  • DoubleTree by Hilton - Charlotte

    Come see if Cam Newton will break another record as the Panthers take on the Falcons Sunday Dec. 11th. Remember the DoubleTree is only a few blocks away and we have some GREAT tailgate specials.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton - Charlotte

    Enjoy some GREAT football as the Panthers take on the Vikings 10-30-11! Will Cam run for a touchdown this week? No tickets? Come enjoy the tailgate specials at DoubleTree by Hilton only 7 blocks away.
  • Joshua Scott

    If you want to see the Saints win come here and there! WHO DAT
  • Daniel Bazhaw

    Check out the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band at half-time.
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