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Professional Men 21+ who are interested in Black Women in and around the Charlotte Area

Are you a man who is a bit intimidated by the dating scene? or maybe you're fresh out of a relationship and not really ready to get back out there but would like the company of female friends? or maybe you are a guy looking for something serious.. either way, this group is for you.

This group is sponsored by Charlotte Black Execs, Career Professionals and Pro Athletes!


Joining is Free.. Meetups for the most part have been largely attended by women. We want to know where the men are to keep these ladies company. we're not looking for guys to try to come through message women via messenger or the cheap guys only looking for free events.. or the ones intimidated because the ladies have good careers. We're looking for men who know they are not 16 yrs old anymore and who that we have to make an effort and take an initiative in their social life! Its not about dating.. its just about hanging out and making new friends.

This is the digital age.. there's nothing new, "thirsty" or desperate when using technology to add onto our social life. Its the day and age we live in.Women have joined this group already. We just ask of each woman who joins to invite 2 men to join.

We already do fun outings and we'll post those happenings at this group. If you are ready to be an active participant.. then by all means.. Sign Right Up!

First name, completed profile and Picture of you required (no logos, graphics or groups of people please (crop yourself out.. I'll help you if need be).. and please look at the camera:).. I know.. we shouldn't have to tell professionals this. Its just the social setting tends to make some too comfortable and this is repeated often to people trying to join us). Thanks

This group is ideally for:

  • Men who just want to hang out and have some friends.
  • For men who are looking for something more serious, this is definitely a place to start and socialize.
  • For the man who has hadenough of simply wanting a good woman in his life, but willing to go out and position himself to make that happen.
  • Also, these women are over 21 so the men in this group must be 21 and older.

In short, is the Main group and has other sub groups that it sponsors.
Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Engineers, Attorneys, News Media, ESPN Marketing, Radio Personalities, Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Retail, Real estate Professionals, Teachers, Physicians and more. They are all in our groups. The number is good to know.. but we're about Quality over Quantity.

Please Note: If you join more than one of our groups, you willreceivemultiple announcements to your email. So please consider that to minimize your email. Our groups are as follows:

Our groups are as follows:

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Black Ladies Night Out


Charlotte Motivation, Empowerment & Positive Results


Thank you for your time and Kind regards,

Timothy "Motivation" Jones

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