Charlotte Caribbean and African Group

Group Description

I decided to restart this group because the African and Caribbean cultures include many diverse people with diverse ideas and views. I wanted to create an environment where we can all meet and socialize with like minded people. I hope that those who join will share my purpose will come out to the meetups.

I hope to create an environment where everyone can have a good time, and hopefully create new friendships. The meetups will consist of various activities: Socializing, Networking, Good Food, Music, Museums, experiencing the various cultural activities of the city and giving back to the community. Join, Bring Your ideas, all are welcome.

Join this group if your purpose is to socialize and to create some fun memories. In Haitian words -- VINI KIJAN OU YE A (Come as you are)!

**We all have busy live and I don't expect any member to come to all the events but at a minimum, visit the group web site at least once every three month to show continued interest and when your schedule permits, come out to one of the event

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